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Data Rescue Reno

April 22, 2017 | Reno Collective | 1-5 p.m.

Questions? Contact teresas@unr.edu

#DataRescueReno is an opportunity for programmers, scientists, librarians, activists, and volunteers of all skill levels to identify, back-up, and help preserve publicly accessible federal data resources. The goal of #DataRescueReno and itsister events throughout the country is to ensure continued access to vulnerable data in the public interest through trustworthy archives. This event has been planned by representatives from the University of Nevada, Reno Libraries in conjunction with the national initiative directed by the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative (EDGI) and PPEH DataRefuge, as well as the Reno Collective.


Federal data is at risk. Data that exist only on government websites have been made unavailable during government shutdowns, and historic data can be lost if archival practices, policies or funding change over time. These data are critical for research, policy decisions, and an informed citizenry, but their availability are particularly vulnerable to changes in government funding and administrative policy.

What does it involve?

There are multiple tracks available for participation that require a variety of skills, ranging from tweeting, to being able to use a web browser, to having knowledge about scientific data and what information scientists need to use it, to harvesting data from websites. Training will be provided for each path at the start of the event (1 p.m.).

1. Webpage rescue track: The Internet Archive does a great job at grabbing and saving webpages, but sometimes it needs help, especially with webpages that take more than a couple clicks to get to. Participants in this track will browse a specific set of federal webpages to search for ones that need to be preserved. Skills needed include being able to browse through webpages and use a Chrome extension button to tell the Internet Archive which pages to save to its End of Term project, which has been preserving federal webpages since 2008. 

2. Data harvesting track: This track includes a number of steps to harvest data from webpages that the Internet Archive can't crawl. Data saved through this track will be made publicly available through Data Refuge's repository. Specific jobs include:

  • Researchers/harvesters: Verify that webpages contain information (data files, interactive maps, etc.) that can't be crawled and then work to harvest that information. One person can fulfill both roles or two people can work together. Best for people with tech skills and knowledge of data harvesting.
  • Baggers: Run a check on the harvested data to ensure that it matches the data on the original website and contains enough information to be useful to researchers, then package the data into a bagit file. Best for those with basic data or web archiving experience, or have both strong tech skills and attention to detail.
  • Describers: Create a descriptive record for each data set in DataRefuge's repository, as well as link that record to the data's bag. Best for trained librarians and scientists (especially those familiar with environmental data).

3. Storytelling track: Help tell the story of our Data Rescue Reno event! This is perfect for those who are interested in social media, photography, blogging and any other form of story telling.

4. Looking forward track: Interested in how you can collaborate with other people in the future on data rescue initiatives? Join this track to brainstorm ideas about how you can help continue to preserve federal (and perhaps other) data in the future.

Event Details

Data Rescue Reno runs from 1-5 p.m. April 22 (after Reno's March for Science) and will take place at the Reno Collective. 

The Reno Collective is located at 100 N. Arlington Ave. #100, Reno, NV 89501. Enter through the side doors on either Arlington Avenue or Roff Street. Street parking is available, although you can also park in the ProPark Parking Gallery on 1st Street behind the movie theater.

Because space is limited, please register below to attend.

Snacks and drinks will be available, although participants are allowed to bring their own food as well.

A limited number of computers will be available, so participants are asked to bring their own when possible. Please feel free to come late and leave when you need to.

Data Rescue Reno will abide by the Code of Conduct used at other Data Rescue events. 

If you have any questions, please email teresas@unr.edu. Follow #DataRescueReno to keep up to date with what we're doing and join the conversation!

Some of this information was taken from the University of Minnesota's Data Rescue event.


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Saturday, April 22, 2017
1:00pm - 5:00pm
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