The DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library offers laser cutting services on our Epilog Helix 24 laser cutter. Our laser cutter can engrave and vector cut a variety of materials, included laserable plastics and wood.  Metal can be engraved but not cut through and pvc materials cannot be used in the laser cutter as it produces a toxic gas.

Walk-ins are welcome at any time but to be guaranteed a time slot we encourage you to sign up for one of the green available time slots below. If you are not here in the first 15 minutes of your reserved time, you forfeit your reservation.

NOTE: You are signing up just to use the laser cutter, not an in-depth consultation. If it is your first time using the laser cutter or you have a complex project, we encourage you to make a consultation appointment with either one of our Tech Wranglers or Photoshop Specialists


Looking for more available times? Be sure to scroll both left and right to see all available time slots.

* During finals we are open later and you can reserve the laser cutter from midnight to 1:30am by clicking on the next day on the calendar to the left and scrolling back to the left!